Monday, October 5, 2015

What to review on Principals' Test on October 25, 2015?

Disclaimer: This is just a guide on what to review on the upcoming principals' test. Topics may vary.

Possible Topics:

1. Senior High School
2. School Based Management
3. DepEd Rationalization Plan
6. Child Protection Policy
7. Updates on K to 12
8. School Improvement Plan
9. DepEd Mission and Vision
10. Learner Information System/EBEIS
Review the following: 

1. DECS Manual (very important to have a copy of this)
2. RA 9155 - "Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001"
3. RA 4670 - "Magna Carta for Public School Teachers"
4. EFA - Education for All
5. BESRA - Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda
6. Writing Correspondence
7. Fiscal Management/MOOE/School Canteen Operations
8. Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers
9. Anti Bullying
10. RA 7610 (Child Abuse Law)
11.  Disaster Risk Reduction Management
12. DepEd Orders (you may browse website of Deped)

Writing Endorsements, Memoranda, Orders


An ORDER (DedEd/Regional/Division/District/School Order) issued as needed for the announcements of policies and guidelines which is permanent in nature unless it is amended.
A MEMORANDA (DedEd/Regional/Division/District/School Memo) is issued if you need to disseminate instructions and information which is temporary in nature

Try to visit DepEd Website for the Sample of Memorandum and Order and how are you going to write it properly.

Proper way to write endorsement

If you will send endorsement to a higher rank use “RESPECTFULLY FORWARDED TO”
If you will send endorsement to an equal rank use “RESPECTFULLY TRANSMITTED TO”
If you will send endorsement to a subordinate use “RESPECTFULLY REFERRED TO”

See sample endorsements in your office.


If the School Principal will write an endorsement to the Schools Division Superintendent

     Respectfully forwarded to _____________________ Schools Division Superintendent,  Division of City Schools ________________, the herein basic communication of ________________________.........

                                                                                                               Principal IV