Thursday, August 15, 2013

NQESH Reviewer - School Leadership



The RA 9155 otherwise known as the Basic Education Act of 2001 enumerates the various functions of school head. One of these is the “setting of mission, vision, goals and objectives of the school”.
                In planning, there should be a clear statement of the vision and the mission.

Facilitating the School Improvement Plan:

There are seven milestones in the implementation of the School Based Management  through the SIP and AIP. These are
1.   Plan – SIP and AIP that was developed by the stakeholders
Stakeholders includes
                Internal – school head, teachers, PTCA, students
                External – LGU, community leaders, retirees, alumni
2.   . Fund -  School Based Management Fund coming from different sources such as PTCA, LGU, DepEd MOOE, NGO’s etc..
3.   . Implementation of Plan – full participation of stakeholders are encouraged.
4.   . Management of Fund
5.    Monitor and Evaluate the Plan
6.    Show The results based on Performance Indicator (Completion Rate, Participation Rate, Drop-out Rate, Achievement Rate etc..)

7.    Reporting to the Stakeholders


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